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Steve Turner By Steve Turner • January 6, 2017

Pierre Heritage GB launches in the UK

Avy French Limestone Quarry
Avy - French Limestone quarry

French Limestone in the UK

For around 1000 years, French limestone has been a popular building material in the UK. William the Conqueror was a major importer of French limestone into the UK following the Norman invasion of 1066AD.  He and his army of stonemasons used French limestone to build Canterbury Cathedral and the Tower of London. Many other of our heritage buildings which still stand today were also built from French limestone.

French limestone in the UK - Canterbury CathedralNowadays, French limestone has again become popular for restoration of heritage buildings as well as for flooring, cladding and feature pieces in new and old buildings.  Our French quarry partners decided that it would be worthwhile setting up a dedicated presence in the UK.

Pierre Heritage GB will cater specifically for trade clients who are looking for French limestone, granite and marble in the form of six-sides-sawn blocks, slabs and tiles. Customers include architects, stonemasons, construction companies, cathedral works and stone distributors.

Steve_Turner_-_Amarestone.jpgThe new office is near Reading in Berkshire, about 35 miles from the centre of London. Pierre Heritage GB is headed by Steve Turner.  Steve has over 15 years experience of the UK stone industry and has been working with the major French quarries from the beginning.

Email: steve@

French Limestone Quarries

Pierre Heritage in France has its own French limestone quarries throughout Burgundy and Western France offering different types of stone for every conceivable purpose.  In addition, we have direct trading relationships with a wide range of other quarries throughout France allowing us to offer limestone and exclusive marbles for any type of restoration, renovation or new build project.

Some of our limestones are already well known in the UK, such as the stone used by heritage masons in some the country's best known cathedrals and monument buildings. But there are lots of new options that have not been seen before in the UK market. 

Lavoux (Lépine) French limestone quarry for Canterbury statues and tracery
Stone for Canterbury Cathedral from our Lavoux French Limestone quarry



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