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French Limestone Direct from the Quarries

Supplying French limestone to trade customers

Our customers
Lavoux a Grain Canterbury Cathedral workshop
French limestone Chamesson flooring

We specialise in sourcing the French limestone directly from our partner quarries.  Our trade customers are typically:

  • Stonemasons and Stone Sculptors
  • Architects and Specifiers
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape / Garden Designers
  • Cathedral / Church renovation companies
  • Natural Stone Retailers
  • Natural Stone installation companies

If you need to source French limestone for an important client project, please speak to us about your project requirements.

If you are a private customer wishing to source French Limestone, please visit our sister web site: Amarestone.

Our Services

With over 45 years combined experience in the French stone industry, we supply French limestone to the building industry throughout the world.  The supply of six-sides-sawn blocks, slabs, tiles, cut to size and dimensional stones is our speciality.  We also offer technical advice for stone selection and inspections certification.  The Pierre Heritage factory near Poitiers has multiple lines of the latest state of the art CNC machines as well traditional stone masons.  This gives us the capability to produce any finished stone product for small, individual projects or for very large commercial developments.

We would encourage customers to visit the quarries and the factory to fully appreciate the characteristics and quality of the limestone and the capabilities of the factory.

In addition to the limestone from our quarries listed on our web site, through our partnerships with many other quarries in France, we can also offer the following range:

Ampilly, Anstrude, Aubigny, Avy, Balzac, Barutel, Beaunotte, Beauval, Bellemont, Bellemont Bleu, Bleu de Lignieres, Bois Doré Rubané, Bouzentes, Brauvilliers, Breauvigny, Bretigny, Brouzet, Buxy, Caen, Chacenay, Chamesson, Champagny, Chanceaux, Chandore, Charmot, Chassagne, Chauvigny, Chitré, Chomerac, Comblanchien, Combe Brune, Corton, Crema Luna, Drom, Fontenay Clair, Hauteroche, Hauteville, Euville, Farges, Fontbelle, La Croix Huyart, La Tieule, Ladoix, Lanvignes, Larrys, Lavoux, Legnes, Lens, Lépine, Limeyrat, Luget, Lutetian, Magny, Mareuil, Massangis, Montigny, Noyant, Paris, Petit Granit, Pompignan, Pouillenay, Richemont, Roche De Clermont, Roche Marron, Rocheret, Rocherons, Rocheval, Rocheville Doré, Rocheville Jaune, Romaneche, Rose de Bourgogne, Ruoms, Semond, Soignies, Ste Croix, St Alban, St Baudille, St Marc, St Martin, St Maximin, St Nicolas, St Pierre, St Pierre Aigle, St Remy, Savonnieres, Sebastopol, Sireuil, Souppes, Tavel, Tavel Bleu, Tercé, Tervoux, Tuffeau, Val de Nod, Valanges, Vallangis, Vassens, Vieux Monde, Vilhonneur, Villebois and many, many more.

If your project has a requirement for any French limestone, marble or granite, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

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French Limestone Blocks
For those who have the capability to process large "raw" blocks, you can order your blocks direct from the quarry and have them transported to your workshop, wherever in the world that may be. We can arrange quarry visits so you can choose your blocks in person.
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French Limestone Slabs and Tiles
For architects, designers, developers, installers and retailers of natural stone: specify the type of French limestone, the thickness and size of the tiles or paving and the surface finish. We will cut and finish the slabs at our quarry's factory and ship them out to you, wherever you are.
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Stone Design Service
For customers who have a concept design in mind but need help to achieve a detailed design, we can provide the link to ensure that the finished project does justice to the initial idea.
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Six Side Sawn French Limestone Blocks
This service will be particularly useful for stonemasons and sculptors who need a specific type of French limestone in cut to size "six sides sawn" blocks. We can then arrange delivery to site wherever in the world that may be.
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Finished French Limestone Products

Our quarries have their own factories with stonemasons and state of the art technical equipment to make any item from natural stone - from a simple basin to a complicated staircase. Alternatively, our manufacturing partners in the UK can make the products from your choice of French Limestone.

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Stone Cutting and Installation Service
In collaboration with our project partners here in the UK, we are now able to offer a complete quarry to installation service for any of our French stones. This includes the design and installation of cladding systems, flooring and carvings.
What our customers are saying
It is truly a lovely stone with such huge clean bed heights (Lavoux French limestone). Nina Bilbey, Sculptor Lavoux-French limestone-Canterbury.jpg
I am recommending the stone (Lavoux French limestone) to all my students who I train to carve. Nina Bilbey, Sculptor, Tutor pierreheritage-logo.jpg
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